Kittens are the middle size. They are cute, little, huggable, kitties made with recycled clothing, of course, and button eyes.

Logo Pins

Logo Pins are small pins that are just like our logo except they are all unique! Every one is made from recycled fabric that is so small even the IBKs can't use them.  

Like what you see?

Come and visit our Etsy shop where you order a one of a kind Abstract Cat.

Fiber Art

To us, Fiber Art is a beautiful, three dimensional, representation of life.

Abstract Cats


Adult cats are the biggest ones of the bunch. They are made out of recycled clothing, just like all of the kitties, and have button eyes. Some even have embroidered quotes on them!

So, the kitties all started with my daughter Lauren. She makes Lucet cord as a hobby. One day I asked her to make me three cords about five inches in length. I then took these and used them as whiskers for a kitty I made out of recycled clothing as a gift for her. Lauren loves her kitty and kept insisting I make them to sell. With some prodding from Lauren, I then made a few and she sold them in school. To make a long story short she sold over 17 of them in school within a two-week period. Since then we have been making and selling these unique kitties in a local shop with amazing success!
With the introduction of Abstract Cats my daughter is at an age where she is not only helping out but is an asset to my business. She is an integral part of Abstract Cats. She handles the marketing, makes all the kitty whiskers and takes most of the photos. She manages all of this while maintaining honor roll level grades in school!


Itty-Bitties Kitties are "purrfect" for everyone in the family, even babies, because they have embroidered eyes. They are also made with recycled clothing and have a loop so you can hang them on your backpack or bag.

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